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You will want to purchase two layers of foam, one being white or brightly colored for a bottom pad, and the other a dark top layer that will hold the tools. The reasoning behind the contrast in color is two-fold. The bright, bottom layer is exposed when a tool is not in place, serving as a reminder that something is missing as you prepare to pack up. On the top, the dark foam vital nutrition keto control helps create that necessary contrast and will aesthetically wear better over time. You can make the bottom sheet as thick or as thin as you like, but for security, the top cutout layer should ideally be deeper than the tools it will hold. It isn't absolutely necessary, especially in stationary tool chests, but it can help keep tools from sliding and popping out if there's a lot of movement. Additionally, it's important to make sure the adhesive you need to bond the two sheets is appropriate for the style of foam you plan to use.


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