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Are you one of those first time parents? Are you afraid of your new responsibilities as parents? Do not be afraid because you can always learn from suggestions Cheap Jerseys China , advices and tips from your parents, friends and colleagues. Moreover, you can also read this article and gain insights on caring for newborn babies.

Newborn babies are considered treasures and joys of parents. Even though becoming a parent is one of your happiest day on earth, it is also stressful and difficult because it is not easy to nurture and to care for newborn babies.

Because babies are delicate and sensitive Cheap Jerseys , slight carelessness and mishandling can harm them. Improper care can lead to their vulnerability and illnesses. As first time parents, it is not enough that you feed, clothe and bathe them because they need more than that. Apart from feeding them, changing their clothes and bathing them Wholesale New NFL Jerseys , they need special attention and care. To help you, read this article and follow the tips and guidelines mentioned.

Tips for caring for new born babies:

1. Skin care - Since babies have sensitive care, you should be careful and cautious of applying ointments and lotions on them. To avoid irritation and infection, you should wash their clothes with special detergents. You should also apply homemade diapers and baby wipes to protect baby's skin from infection.

2. Umbilical cord care - Baby's umbilical cord should be cleaned using hygienic soft cotton and alcohol.

3. Head care - Since baby's head is so delicate Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys , you should be careful in using ordinary shampoos. Keep their hair clean by using natural shampoos.

4. Skin rashes and sunburn - Because their skins are so sensitive, you should protect them from direct sunlight by giving them the right clothes during hot weather conditions.

5. Baby acne - You do not need to threat baby acne that appears on the first two or three months from birth, unless infected. You should give them regular and homely baths.

6. Cradle caps - cradle caps can be cleaned using herbal moisturizer and avoid using synthetic products, like talcum powder.

7. Holding and picking of babies - Since your baby still have fragile bones Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap , make sure to support their neck and head when holding them. Be sure to lift the baby by laying him on his back. Your one arm should support his head, while the other arm on his lower back and his bottom.

8. Breastfeeding - Make sure to breastfeed the baby with breast milk because it is easily digested than formula milk. Avoid giving water to babies who are breastfed because their water requirements are met by breast milk. However, if they show signs of dehydration, you should bring them to their pediatrician and give them clean water or whatever is prescribed by their doctor.

9. Burping of babies - Babies should be burped after feeding them because they tend to swallow lots of air Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online , upsetting their stomach and making them uncomfortable. To burp your baby, hold him in upright position and place them against your chest and shoulder. Hold him in the said position for several minutes. You can also sit him upright on your lap and make sure that his head and chest rest on your body.

With these tips and suggestions mentioned beforehand, you can now care for your new born baby.
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