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ylq123 Offline

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18.05.2020 09:04
The flowers are mostl Antworten

The flowers are mostly open in spring and summer, and begin to wither in autumn and completely wither in winter. Therefore Online Cigarettes, the life of the flower is very short. Although the new life will be born in the next spring, it is only a descendant of the previous flower. Plum flowers are different from other flowers, at least from most flowers? ? She is open in winter. She always grows cluster by cluster and can grow to more than two meters high. The plum blossoms are bright yellow, just as big as the tip of the thumb, but they are so densely grown that they can't see the flowers at all in the distance Parliament Cigarettes. What they see is a large yellow cloud! Plum blossoms are very fragrant. Someone pruned a branch of plum blossoms for the fragrance of plum blossoms and sold them to the market. For a time, the flower market became the world of plum blossoms, and the fragrance was tangy. The vitality of plum blossoms is extremely tenacious. In the cold north wind, many flowers have faded, only the plum blossoms stand proudly in the snow, although the cold wind blows her upside down, although the rainstorm hits her delicate body mercilessly, but she never shrinks, never bows her head, Overcoming the storm with his tenacious vitality, standing proudly in the storm, giving his fragrance to passers-by, and leaving his sweetness to the little bees ... Do n��t think that the plum blossoms have no leaves. The plum blossoms will grow in the early spring The green leaves glowed with green light under the sunlight. It attracted many poets to sing her, many painters to paint her, and many people to praise her on the way home from school in the winter. I often saw a few clusters of plum blossoms standing on the road with their heads high, like a few beautiful girls, they have grace Their figure, they have flowing hair, they have beautiful faces! However, what people admire most is not their surface, but their spirit of never retreating in cold winter, never bowing their heads, never giving up! When I was a child, my grandmother collected a few plum branches from the mountain and poured a little water to leave her alone. A few weeks later, the plum blossoms grew to more than half a meter tall, and she stood in the middle of the courtyard with vigor. I do n��t understand. I asked my grandmother naively: ��Grandma, you only poured a little water on the plum blossoms. How did she grow up?�� The grandmother answered kindly: ��The plum blossoms are extremely vital, and she is different from other flowers. , The colder she is, the more joy she drives. When she encounters difficulties, she never bows her head, but confronts everything bravely. Jia, grandma hopes that you will follow the plum blossom as an example and never give in on the road of life! " Although I don't understand my grandmother's words Marlboro Cigarettes, I feel vaguely that plum blossom spirit is worth learning. Since then, I have kept my grandmother's words in my mind. Whenever I encounter difficulties, I think about the beauty of plum blossoms. Because plum blossoms are not afraid of difficulties, they always try to overcome difficulties. Therefore, she has won the most beautiful appearance. So, when I encounter difficulties, I always get ahead. I firmly believe that the person who laughs to the end is the person with the best laugh in the hard life in the cold winter? ? Plum blossom always inspires me to move forward. She is an example in my heart. She is a hero in my heart, even though she is just a plant.
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maryalmira Offline

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19.05.2020 11:11
#2 RE: The flowers are mostl Antworten

Very good, I think I found the knowledge I needed. I will see and refer some information in your post. thank you!

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