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Features of central vacuum cleaning system Antworten

Features of central vacuum cleaning system

The central vacuum cleaning system is composed of a dust suction host, a control system, a dust suction pipeline, a dust suction valve, and a dust suction operating component. This vacuum system is a kind of low negative pressure, high flow dust removal system. This system is often used in high-speed dust capture, dust in the air, workshop cleaning, negative pressure material transportation and so on. The users who use this system often have higher requirements for dust capture. The processing equipment used in the production process belongs to the precision processing equipment, which requires high dust control.

When the central vacuum cleaning system is running, the dust is effectively sucked into the vacuum pipe network through the suction nozzle. Under the action of vacuum negative pressure, the dust absorbed is pumped into the vacuum cleaner along with the air flow along tahe negative pressure pipeline. First of all, large particles of dust pass through the air inlet guide plate and fall into the machine or dust collection bucket under the action of centrifugal force; the dust with extremely light density continues to move upward with the air flow. When the dust enters the filter room of the central dust collector, it is separated by the filter, and the clean air is discharged into the air by the exhaust outlet of the vacuum cleaner through the muffler device. The dust on the filter is completed by the automatic pulse back blowing device of the system, and the timing and back blowing alternate work are completed.

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