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The Green Bay Packers are one of the founding teams of the National Football
League. They have a long legacy that has been rich and they are the one team
that has won more super bowls than any other. All this has to be in thanks to
the late and great Vince Lombardi. The immortal one that has been remembered
whenever the Packers are mentioned.

With the team being around since 1911 Jim Kelly Bills Jersey , they are one of the teams that have
a long and rich history that has kept the people of Green Bay and also Wisconsin
spellbound and filled with the pride that only a true champion team can. Only
the Boston Celtics have had a history and dynasty that is like that of the Green
Bay Packers.

Throughout the course of time, the Packers have had some of the icons that
have defined football in the 1920's and the 1930's. The Packers have had a number
of people that have not only helped establish the team, but also have helped
form and forge the sport that has been one of the cornerstones of the United
States sporting world.

Just as the Celtics dominated basketball in the 1950's, the Green Bay Packers
did the same with football in the 1960's. They showed a level of dominance and
excellence that has rarely been seen like it was back then. They defined what
was considered to be the perfection in any sport and this has been something
that has made them one of the powerhouses of all time in the eyes of the world
and in any circle that has sought out what standards are for a champion caliber

For three decades the Green Bay Packers fought to be the top teams Nathan Peterman Bills Jersey , and it
was not to be. This would change in 1996, when they managed to not only beat
the former Champions, but also with the Super Bowl with Brett Favre a the helm.
They would go to lead more trips to the Super Bowl. This was something that
has been a challenge as of late with Favre reaching the end of his career and
the team built around a young core that is trying to not only win games, but
also define who they are as a team.

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