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04.01.2018 06:01
Poe Ancient Reliquary Key Introduction Antworten

Poe Ancient Reliquary Key Introduction
Ancient Reliquary Key is an poe currency that poe exalted orbs grants access to the Ancient Reliquary.what is Ancient Reliquary?The Ancient Reliquary is an area that is accessible by placing an Ancient Reliquary Key inventory icon.

Reliquary Key in a map device. This area is exclusive to the Legacy league and does not have any Atlas completion marks.The area contains no monsters and a single Legacy Relic Relic Vault, which contains one to three Relic items.

if you got Ancient Reliquary Key sell or use it?

If you want to maximize your gains: sell it.
If you want the chance of a really awesome feeling when something expensive drops but most likely settle for the disappointment of something not even worth a cheap poe exalted orbs : use it. So see more of these news in now... well done, so thanks!

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