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22.06.2019 04:07
In August of each year Antworten

In August of each year, when the university admissions season is reached, mailing the university admission notice has become an important business of postal express delivery. With the development of the times, from the paper, the brush handwriting to the two-dimensional code, APP, the admission notice is more and more "flush" Marlboro Cigarettes, and the mission of the admission notice is constantly changing. When we were admitted to college in the early 1990s, the acceptance letter received was much simpler. The name, profession, and time were handwritten pen characters. Others were printed characters. The only sign that can prove the official document is the eye-catching character in the lower right corner. The big seal of the red dragonfly I lived in a small village in a remote county in southern Henan. At that time, in order to prevent the misplacement of the admission notice, when we filled out the volunteers, the school uniformly filled in the address, and the admission notice was sent to the school first. The school then notified the students to collect. When I got the admission notice, I immediately jumped on my bicycle and went home 40 kilometers. Neighbors from neighboring neighborhoods have come to congratulate him. It is really a feeling of one of the three major hi-life "golden title". Some neighbors took the notice and took photos of the sun. Just like now, they are telling the true and false of the hundred dollar bills. Finally, there is a voice that is "a real guy", mainly the red seal that covers them and makes them believe that they have eliminated The nervousness that waited for a while, I really slept well that night. With the notice, I went to the township police station to go to the township police station to apply for the immigration certificate Cheap Cigarettes. The police who are usually awesome for three points, at this time, seemingly amiable, let me first go to the village to open a certificate Cigarettes Online. When I arrived at the village committee, the village party secretary was even more enthusiastic and difficult to stop. It was also a pour, and it was a seat. Poorly a rural scholar, where I received such treatment, I was flattered and even a little dismayed. Then went to the township management office to handle the food relationship, a fat aunt pointed to his child and said that everyone is admitted to college, you have to study hard, and so on, with full confidence, the first Instead of riding a bicycle for three days, I took the shuttle bus to the county seat and went to the Public Security Bureau and the Grain Bureau to complete the migration certificate and transfer food relations After these procedures were completed, my life role was a 180-degree conversion. From eating ��rural food�� to eating ��commodity food��, from rural hukou to ��urban hukou��, I finally realized ��jumping out of the farm gate��. Wish. Looking at the admission notice in his hand, he was very impressed. After more than ten years of hard work, in exchange for this thin piece of white paper, printed a few lines on it, stamped with a red big print, can realize the dreams of several generations. I don't know if it is too happy. I still remember the bitterness of learning for more than ten years. I was so excited that I was not as crazy as Fan Jinzhong, but it was really a few days for my parents to be happy. In the following days, my father led me, took the notice, and walked relatives and neighbors. Because the countryside is very poor, everyone expressed 10 yuan and 5 yuan to express the joy of He Xi. A big man who worked in the township government, in addition to giving money, gave 200 pounds of food stamps, but at the time it was a very heavy affection. I received the wishes of the villagers, and I arranged two tables at the house to show my gratitude. In the days that followed Marlboro Red, almost everyone was smiling and everything went smoothly. On the day of school, finishing the backpack, packing the equipment, taking the car first, then taking the train, came to the strange city of Zhengzhou. After reporting to the school, the notice was handed in. There were no cameras, no photocopiers, no mobile phones, and no idea to take photos of the notices. Now think about it, very sorry, don't know where the notice is now, maybe as a file? Maybe after the school was retired and then destroyed, I have never seen the admission notice that changed my destiny.
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