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25.06.2019 03:19
It’s hard to determine exactly what makes each? Antworten

Is it mega success like Brady? Inappropriate scandals like Brett Favre? Assault allegations like Ben Roethlisberger?Or is it simply ineptitude like so many on this list? Parsing through (sometimes not) rich history of each franchise has created some surprising results for the most hated quarterback of each franchise—and surprise , Tim Tebow doesn’t make the list!The committee (of one) has decreed that what makes a quarterback the most hated is dependent upon the franchise. Teams who haven’t had much success may hate inept quarterbacks most of all. Teams with mega success often find their most successful quarterback to be the most hated. Draft busts, criminals, etc. they all make the list.Read on to find who is the most hated quarterback in the history of each NFL franchise! The quarterback position is the most important individual position in all of professional sports. While there have been teams who have won championships despite having sub-par or average play from the quarterback position Alexander Mattison Jersey , the true dynasties in history have all had one thing in common - a quarterback who can carry a team to a victory regardless of who is around him. A player who can make his teammates look better just by stepping onto the field with them.Part of the reason why teams invest so heavily and so often in the quarterback position is because the need to find one who can be a franchise player for the team is so high. The Cleveland Browns are the perfect example of a franchise who simply can't put all the pieces together because they can't find a quarterback to help them get the job done. They've tried time and time again to no avail (though they're hoping Mayfield breaks that trend). The draft and free agency are both viable avenues to find a quarterback, but as this list will show, the most expensive quarterbacks aren't always the best quarterbacks.With so much importance and emphasis being placed on the quarterback position , then, it would be interesting to look at each team in the NFL and rank their quarterbacks not by skill, but by their 2018 cap hit from lowest to highest. The list may be surprising as some players cap hits are lower and some may be higher than most would expect.

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