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The best and most reputable carpet cleaning companies Antworten

motor for mixer Industry standards for carpet and upholstery cleaning boil down to two primary methods: dry cleaning and hot water extraction. Each comes with their own pros and cons, and each may come with manufacturer recommendation.

The method of dry cleaning carpeting is not the same as dry-cleaning your clothes. Dry cleaning clothing does not involve the use of any water whatsoever. All carpet cleaning methods use water in one way or another.

When a carpet cleaner uses dry foam as a detergent, he applies shampoo to the carpet directly, allowing it to dry. After, the dried shampoo is vacuumed up, containing the dirt it has absorbed from the carpeting. The down side to this method obviously is that a residue remains in the carpeting.

Dry-chem brand of dry cleaning is similar to dry foam. The difference is that when this solution is applied to the carpeting, a large bonnet is placed on your carpet. Using a machine, the bonnet spins from side to side, absorbing the dirt within the carpet. Once the bonnet is full of dirt, it's replaced with a new one. This method is like using a big towel to rub the soil out of your carpet. Like with the dry foam method, it is not very effective.

Another dry cleaning method involves using a dry compound, which has absorbent qualities that is spread over carpeting. Once applied, the mixture looks like wet sawdust. Next a machine brushes the mixture deeper into the carpet fibers, which causes the soil to absorb into the mixture. Like with the other two dry cleaning methods, the compound dries and then is sucked out through a vacuum out of the carpet.

None of the dry cleaning methods involve rinsing, therefore there's always some residue left behind. Typically, these methods are recommended by manufactures of all-wool based carpeting or with dye lots that are prone to bleeding or fading.

Hot water extraction methods of carpet cleaning typically provide better results all around for both carpet and fabric cleaning. Hot water extraction is done with powerful truck mounted machines that heat the water to a high temperature, then shoots the cleaning solution directly into the carpet at a high pressure.

This process breaks up dirt, bacteria, pollens and other forms of allergens. Sometime rotary brushes are used to break up the dirt and stir the carpet fibers even further before the high suction vacuum draws the dirt and solution out of the carpet. Typically, carpet needs to dry in about four to six hours.

The best and most reputable carpet cleaning companies are those who have been certified by the Institute of Inspection, cleaning and restoration (also known as the IICRC). The certification must be earned through study, experience and the successful completion of written exams.

Blower motor When choosing any carpet or upholstery cleaning service, it's wise to ask to see written proof of the company's IICRC certification.

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