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27.04.2016 11:00
CNC Machines For Stone - Dressing Or Honing Diamond Profile Wheels Antworten

If you have been running a profile aluminiumfor stone for a while you will have noticed that the diamond profile wheels are developing tiny grooves which are getting bigger and more visible over time. This results in a lesser quality finish of your granite or marble countertop profiles.

Dressing or honing the diamond profile wheels on a regular basis is necessary to keep them in good shape. The sintered diamond profile wheels are working fine on granite or marble while they are brand new. But soon some fine grooves will develop and they will get bigger and bigger, leaving lines on your stone profile which needs to be touched up by hand to achieve a proper polished finish.

Diamond profile wheels are an expensive investment you want to preserve and keep in good shape as long as possible.
The life of the diamond wheels can be extended by dressing the wheels using an aluminium for sale online Oxide or a Silicon Carbide dressing stone with different grits. As this dressing sticks will wear off rather quickly we have tried using sandstone scraps and achieving good results with it. Just be careful on the Dia Pos 5 fine diamond wheels not to cause more damage, but in my experience it works great from Pos 1 segmented to the full body wheels up to Dia Pos 4.

We use the sandstone also on the Dia Pos 5 diamond wheel as we are not too concerned about very fine lines. We do not run any polishing wheels on the profile aluminium china because we touching up the stone profiles on the benches anyway for a better quality finish.

Alternatively you can also send the tools back to your supplier if they are badly out of shape, as in most cases you have still plenty diamonds left on the tools. But that might not be worth the effort and cost especially if you have to send them overseas. The cost for transport, rectifying the tools and resetting might come close to buying new wheels.Or

If the profile wheels are already in bad shape you can try using an angle grinder with a standard metal grinding disc to reshape the tools as good as possible. I have tried diamond blades on diamond but that does not work so good as you just smash the diamonds on the surface which means you have to do a lot more tool dressing afterwards to expose the new sharp diamonds again.

After the tools have been dressed it is a good practise to readjust the tools to make sure they are cutting only the recommended amount to prevent them from wearing out to quickly.

If you want to learn more about diamond tool dressing check out the How-to videos explaining the whole tool dressing process in great detail.

It is important for every stone fabricator with a aluminium profile suppliers in their workshop to keep informed about what's new in the industry. We provide on our website work examples and practical tips which we gained through our own experience. You'll also find DXF kitchen sink and vanity basin cut-out templates which you can use on your CNC machine.

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