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Well at least the Texans have found one player who can play this season."The Texans spent the 2019 NFL Draft selecting interesting developmental players. Tytus Howard is a mysterious exoplanet who exists in the shadows of the solar system. Max Scharping has to learn how to use his hands correctly and fix his pass set to stop turning and shielding. Lonnie Johnson Jr. is strength and length Cheap Charles Omenihu Jersey , but doesn’t know how to use it, and needs to figure how how to overwhelm receivers at the line of scrimmage and play the ball in the air. In the third round the Texans didn’t find a weekend project, a post divorce All-American red muscle car, a picnic table that will never be sealed and painted, orange ceilings are going to remain popcorned forever. Kahale Warring will walk in, and play right now, right away. In the Mountain West Conference Warring was an overwhelming athlete. This is important. When watching players from smaller conferences, they have to jump off the screen, and appear different than their peers. Warring is this. Unlike some tight ends that groan and ache off the line of scrimmage, Warring was a sling shot as he sprinted past the second level of the defense. He jumps off the line from a two point stance, finds a hole in the zone, and comes back to the quarterback. Six yards on second and ten from a tight end is refreshing.via GfycatWarring scorched linebackers who were stuck trying to cover him. He could run around their jam, unfazed, thanks to a ridiculous size, strength, and speed combination. At the top of his route he’d lose linebackers once he made his break. He exemplifies the old adage that depicts the importance of tight ends. He’s too fast for linebackers, and too strong for defensive backs. Off the play action he teleports around an inept jab and snags the corner route.via GfycatPlay action off the jet sweep, hmmmm, looks like something the Houston Texans would run. Warring is lined up on the right side of the line of scrimmage in a two point stance against the sweatpantsuit linebacker in man coverage. This is a perfect wheel route. Warring gets wide to create space then utilizes his speed to separate from the linebacker. When he turns and runs he loses the linebacker. There’s nothing worse than a pass catcher who can’t catch and routinely allows the ball to come into his chest. Warring yanks up, high points the ball in a crowd of three, makes the catch, and backs his way into the endzone.via GfycatHe’s not one of those flimsy tight ends who can only line up in the slot, or acts like he run blocks. Warring can play in the slot, tight on the line, in a two or three point stance, and as a flex wing. He isn’t just straight line speed either. There’s burst out of his break. This is a great out route out of a three point stance. It’s spectacular to see a route like this that isn’t tackled for a two yard gain and followed immediately by a punt.via GfycatThis is a corner route with his hand in the ground. He sells the post well, gets the defender scurrying inside, and he absolutely loses him out of his break. OH BABY. It’s 2003 again and I’m watching ESPN2 at three o’clock on an August night. The windows are open. The screens fell off a long time ago. Keep hammering my pounding heart in the still sticky ceiling fan chilled air.via GfycatThe play doesn’t end once the ball is caught either. Did you know THAT yards can be obtained after the catch. Warring is a piece of modern literature and is difficult to tackle. This is another corner route off of play action. He nearly accelerates to top speed immediately and comes into the linebacker’s jam. The linebacker doesn’t take Warring on head on, but only half of him, leaving him tattered and in shreds, hanging on to the door of a runaway van. Warring punches his jam Charles Omenihu Jersey Womens , sheds him, and breaks in the same movement. The ball is caught near the sideline and away from the chasing safety. He cuts back inside and slices across the pursuing safety and the same linebacker from earlier. All of this goes for a total of 25 yards.via GfycatHere’s Warring picking up yards after the catch again, but this time it’s from the slot. Warring is the ‘Y’ receiver. The bunch creates confusion and he releases unhindered. He curls back to the quarterback and sits wide open in the center of the field. From a full stop Warring blasts off with blood squirting to the ceiling, uses the ref to run a rub for him, and out runs three defenders to the sideline. Stop and start speed like this is rare to see from a tight end, especially one who is 6’5” 252 pounds.via GfycatThe versatility doesn’t stop there. Warring lines up all over the formation, and he can block as well. Shocking. Unbelievable. A tight end who can both block and catch passes. Incredible. As a blocker Warring is better than most tight ends. He has the strength to block linebackers, overwhelm safeties, but like most tight ends, he has trouble against defensive ends. In the redzone Boise State pulls their playside outside linebacker down to defensive end. He’s matched up across from Warring in case of playaction. Warring doesn’t have any help. It’s a one v. one block in the redzone. He takes a perfect slide step left to devour the defender, and hits him square on. The Aztecs are running lead. Warring has to create a stalemate. As long as he isn’t driven back, or falls off the block, it’s a success. He’s low, explodes, and strangles the chest. He seals the edge, microwaves the potato, and the back cuts around him to score.via GfycatAs a blocker, the two best components of Warring’s game are his explosion off the line and his hands. His three point stance is extremely low. He is practically power cleaning the defender when he creates contact. His punch is always on the numbers. He’s grasping and isn’t shoving, and maintains control of his blocks as a result. As a run blocker, he’s more refined than the offensive tackles Houston selected ahead of him. This is a short yardage lead play where Warring is once again blocking the defender on his own. This time he creates vertical movement. His pad level is lower than on the previous block and he gets under the defender’s skin. After contact is made, the defender is scooting backwards. Warring consumes the defender on this block, and creates an easy first down for the running back to run through.via GfycatThis is an outside zone play to the right with the fullback leading the way and the back taking a quick pitch. Warring is lined up on the backside of the formation. Since the defensive end is lined up as a ‘5’, Warring and the left tackle have a power backside double team. The tackle can punch and provide power at the first level and wait for Warring to take over. He does this, turning the defensive end’s pads inside. Warring takes a deep zone step to overtake the block. It’s perfect. He arrives in time, fits in the perfect place, and walls the defensive end off from the play. Not even a sentient punch pitcher could smash through this wall.via GfycatThese great run blocks set up his routes on play action. This is a similar play. Warring is on the backside. Except this time the defensive end is too far inside as a ‘4’, and flows too fast inside for him to help the tackle. Instead he takes his zone step, and cuts off the defender in front of him. Warring keeps his head inside, until he knows the playfake has been carried out, the timing here is immaculate, then he downshifts and allows the defender to over pursue. He sneaks back behind him Charles Omenihu Houston Texans Jersey , then takes off past the linebacker, wide open, for an easy walk in score—all set up by previous run blocks. via GfycatThe big problem Warring has is blocking defensive ends on his own. This is an illness the majority of the tight end population deals with. Blocking 255 pounds is much different than blocking 290 pounds. Here Warring is the first tight end on the right. He is unable to get his head inside of the defensive end and cut him off. He misses. The end breaks through his block, bounces off the puller, and the play gains a little bit.via GfycatAs good of a blocker Warring is, he can still get better technique wise. For whatever reason, bad hearing, lack of focus, delayed reaction, he gets off the snap later than he should. His pad level can be too high even though his strength can mask it against smaller defenders. And he can use more extension on his punch once he starts driving. These are all smaller issues that should be able to be worked out. The Texans will also have make decisions regarding his development. Warring weighs 252 pounds. Houston could feed him until he adds about 10 pounds so he could potentially be able to block defensive ends. At his current size he’s going to struggle against these mammoths. If they do this, they’ll run the risk of him losing some of his burst, quickness, and top speed in the pursuit of making him a more well rounded player.That’s all for the future though. For now, Warring is the best pick of the Texans’ 2019 class. He should be able to walk in right away as the team’s best tight end. Unlike the Jordan rookies, who are interesting pass catchers who struggle blocking, Warring is an all around player. Veteran Darren Fells is here to help pass protect. And incumbent starter Ryan Griffin has been put in some bad situations by Bill O’Brien, and could be on his way out. Warring should be able to make the difficult blocks previous Houston tight ends have been unable to make. All five players will fight for playing time and even roster spots in 2019, and Warring could be the one who ends up on the field the most. Even though it takes time for tight ends to learn both the run and pass game, Warring should be past all the potential and eventually’s. He’s a tight end who’s ready to play now. It’s been a few months, but Derrick Tindal still isn’t sure why he wasn’t in an NFL camp this spring or summer.The former Wisconsin cornerback felt a tinge of sadness after going unwanted, but that feeling was quickly replaced by another emotion.More Badgers coverageTop Tweets: Yelich thanks fans for support after season-ending injuryBadgers QB Mertz makes anticipated debut in unanticipated wayBadgers make every AP top-25 ballot, garner top-10 votesBadgers move up to No. 14 in AP Top 25Upon Further Review: Badgers vs. Central Michigan“I felt more relief,” Tindal said, “like I didn’t have to do it no more. All the hitting, all the everything, it was some weight lifted off my shoulders.”Tindal was definitely eyeing the NFL after four years at Wisconsin. He participated in pro day, and although he wasn’t overly happy with his showing there, Tindal’s agent had him convinced he would be a late-round draft choice. And if he happened to go undrafted, then certainly he’d be signed as a free agent.When that didn’t happen, and as he realized he wasn’t even going to get a chance to try out for a team at a rookie minicamp, Tindal wondered if his injury history was holding him back. While he missed only three games in his four years at Wisconsin — and started 38 of his 52 games — he broke a wrist as a junior and fought through an ankle injury as a senior.But with his body of work — six interceptions Charles Omenihu Jersey 2019 , 26 passes broken up, making All-Big Ten teams his last two years — Tindal thought he had at least earned a chance“When all the free agents were getting picked up I was like, yeah man, I did all this, all this through the injuries … I didn’t do nothing at all?,” Tindal remembered thinking. “I didn’t do nothing to deserve a chance to walk it up to rookie camp? I was like, I ain’t going to keep beating myself up about this, I have to do something I really want to anyway.“I did ask why at first, but then it was then almost sad, then it wasn’t like I was missing anything. Yeah, the money probably, but I’ll find another way to make that.”While his agent mentioned the possibility of the Canadian Football League or one of the arena leagues, those had no appeal to Tindal. He was done with football, period. Besides, Tindal has greater plans.It all begins for Tindal with a book. Or should we say books.A noted superhero and comic book enthusiast, Tindal has written a graphic novel (although, he notes it is not, as one might expect, about a superhero) and has grandiose plans beyond that.The book, entitled “Taletrius Johnson: The beginning of the end” — the main character is named after Tindal’s cousin, Taletrius Bradley, who was killed in a car accident last year — is written, but Tindal, who admits he’s no artist, is waiting on the drawings to be completed by others.That hasn’t stopped Tindal from starting to write his second book. And he has plans for more. A lot more.“I have other book ideas. I’m probably not going to be able to write all these books myself, you feel me? I have other ideas, other pitches, to feed off my book,” Tindal said. “I have two more other characters that have their own solo books that can mix with my book. I’d like to sign someone to write those books for me and take over that character. But basically I have to get (the initial one) published first and do good with that book.”But Tindal isn’t just focusing on books (although everything eventually ties back to them). He still has two semesters to complete at Wisconsin — he’s majoring in human development and family studies — in order to get his degree, which he plans on applying in the real world right away.Tindal has worked with kids in the Madison area while in school. He envisions himself founding an organization to help underprivileged children, whether it’s helping them obtain scholarships to college Charles Omenihu Jersey Mens , teaching them football with a camp (it will be free, but promotionally tied in with his brand) or showing them aspects of life they might not have known existed — such as reading and writing comic books.Tindal aims to start his mentoring in Wisconsin but wants to get to South Florida “as quick as I can.”Tindal grew up in the Boulevard Gardens neighborhood of Ft. Lauderdale, an area that, per Tindal’s previous comments, doesn’t present kids with many opportunities outside of sports or the street life.His goal: give kids from that neck of the woods the opportunities he never had.“That’s what I want to do (get kids out of his neighborhood). Teach kids, manage their life,” Tindal said. “I never wanted to be just DT the football player, you feel me. I always read comic books, I always loved comic books. And I never thought it was cool when I was young to read comic books. And who knows, if I was to have started to write when I was younger I probably wouldn’t even been playing football. I would have found other interests.“But I definitely want to show kids, especially from rough neighborhoods, that it ain’t just football, it ain’t just music or the streets. We got different ways. I feel kids follow whatever is cool. A lot of kids look up to me, a lot of kids see me as cool, (he can) show them ‘He made a book, why can’t I? Why can’t I be a doctor now?’ Anything.”To his point, Tindal’s books should relate to his audience. After all, that’s who he’s written them for. Some of the plots Tindal uses are taken from his life, his friends or people he’s known.“I’m trying to get a different view, a view from our side of things when it comes to superheroes and gods and stuff. It’s a twist to a different kind of superhero,” he explained. “I write it like me and my friends talk to each other. I use the slang we talk to each other. Not like curse words, but like the slang words we say to each other, the different meanings. I want to put a dictionary in the book so people know what I mean when the words are being used.”For now, though, Tindal waits. And goes to class. And relaxes, something he didn’t get to do much of when he was playing football, what with the early morning workouts, practices, traveling and games.“Basically (he’s) learning how to be a normal student at stuff, just sitting back chilling,” Tindal said.Like many people Youth Charles Omenihu Jersey , Tindal spends his Saturdays and Sundays watching football instead of playing it. He enjoys watching his former teammates play all weekend, but especially likes listening to announcers call Badgers games.“On the field you always kind of wonder, ‘I wonder what the commentator said about (a particular play)’,” Tindal said with a laugh. “It’s just fun watching it, sometimes the commentator talks crap and I talk crap to them even though they can’t hear me through the TV set.”Tindal still maintains relationships with his former teammates, including Nick Nelson (“I talk to Nick all the time,” he said) and Natrell Jamerson, both of whom were drafted this past year and landed on 53-man rosters. Both Nelson and Jamerson have told Tindal that from what they’ve seen, he should be in the league, too.But Tindal harbors no bitterness.“I’m really just happy to see them (in the NFL),” he said. “A lot people don’t believe me when I say this, but I’m really, like, OK without playing. I’m perfectly fine. I honestly haven’t felt this good in 23 years and I’m 23 now. I’m great.”Besides, a relationship with the league is all part of his master plan.“Hopefully I can get the NFL to run some of my commercials if I drop a movie in the future,” Tindal said in a half-joking, half-serious tone. “I don’t have no beef with them.”First things first, though: Tindal has to get the book into people’s hands, which not only includes having it completed with the drawings — it’s hard to have a graphic novel without them, after all — but also getting it published.Tindal doesn’t talk about his plan being an “if” but rather a “when.” If there’s two things he doesn’t lack, though, its confidence and optimism. Everything is set in motion, and it begins with his book.“It’s going to be fun for people to read,” Tindal said before adding, “I just hope people give it a chance.”He’s earned it.

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