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Growth stoked by demand for bolder flavors Antworten

Smoked cheese, like smoked salmon, smoked sausage, smoked brisket, smoked chicken and smoked turkey, can satisfy an appetite for grilled flavor that doesn't end with summer.

And so, more and more types of cheese are now going into smokehouses, offering cooks an opportunity to experiment with numerous thrilling new flavors.

Smoked Gouda, including processed types, has been around for decades, but it's now possible to find smoked Jarlsberg, smoked Gruyere, smoked Provolone, creamy soft smoked cheeses, and even a smoked Monterey Jack that's already fired up with hot peppers.

Much of the innovation is coming out of this nation's cheese capital, Wisconsin. Roth has a smoky original in its trademarked Rofumo, an easy-melting Fontina infused with hickory smoke. And if you want a superior smoked Gouda, try Arla's Dofino, the smoked version of which begins with the brand's superior Wisconsin-made Gouda.

Carr Valley Cheese sells its 17 different smoked cheeses online, through independent cheesemongers and at markets such as Wegmans and Whole Foods. Options from the brand include the previously mentioned smoked pepper jack, smoked cheddar and smoked versions of less-familiar types such as Airco, a semi-soft mixed milk cheese, and Creama Kasa, a spreadable triple-cream cheese.

have seen a lot more interest, says Beth Wyttenbach, a spokeswoman for Carr Valley. volume on the smoked cheeses just continues to grow every year Marlboro Black Menthol. People are seeking bigger flavors, bolder flavors, deeper flavors. These cheeses are able to deliver that.

Those who watch cheese trends say smoked cheeses are on the rise, stoked by general excitement about bacon and other smoked foods.

Smoked cheese: Unique varieties

has been smoking cheese for a long time," says Heather Porter Engwall, a spokeswoman for the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, which promotes the state's dairies and dairy products. But more recently, daring cheese makers are branching out to smoke unexpected varieties.

Roth's Moody Blue is one of the few smoked cheeses that would work on a cheese board. Most other types are delicious, but better suited for melting in recipes and on sandwiches. .

Engwall points to Roth's Moody Blue, a smoked blue cheese. get the intense flavor of the blue cheese and the smoke comes in as a second enhancement. newer smoked cheese with a barely-there smoked flavor is Belgioiso's smoked fresh mozzarella.

hope it will be as popular as bacon, says Belgioiso spokesman Francis Wall, who notes that smoked flavor is unique in a fresh cheese. it is naturally hickory smoked, it gives the outside of the mozzarella that smoky flavor, but you are still getting the fresh, milky flavor in the center. It's the best of both worlds.

Sal DiStasio, owner of Red Apple Cheese, says his Connecticut company has been having its cheeses smoked in Wisconsin for about 20 years. Red Apple offers seven smoked cheeses, including Kosher mozzarella Cigarettes Brands, Gruyere and Provolone

DiStasio compares the smoking process to that used to smoke salmon without cooking it Best Menthol Cigarettes. smokehouses are actually refrigerated, he says. it gets to to the point where the cheese might melt, the refrigerator kicks in and keeps the cheese cool. Red Apple Cheeses, which are cold-smoked for six hours over dried apple pulp and hardwood, are available online and at selected ShopRite stores.

Carr Valley's Wyttenbach points out that cheese makers who smoke cheese naturally (as opposed to processing them with artificial liquid smoke flavor) will use different types of wood, ranging from fruit woods to hickory. Carr Valley smokes its cheeses with apple wood, which she says gives their cheeses a cleaner, somewhat sweet smokiness.

want the cheese to be the star, we don't want it to be overcome with smokiness, she says. should be another level of flavor. There' a lot of complexity that can come from smoking when it's down right. />

The flavor of a smoked cheese has everything to do with the flavor of the cheese that's being smoked, and how the cheese is smoked. And if you're planning to pair a smoked cheese with wine or beer, consider doing so in a fondue. Most smoked cheeses are better for melting than for the cheese plate because of their sometimes potent smokiness. In fact, melting will intensify their flavor in much the same way that the flavor of a table cheese is enhanced by bringing it to room temperature.

The Samuel Adams website has a number of fondue recipes that would work well with smoked cheeses. Try Boston Lager with smoked Jarlsberg or smoked cheddar.

Smoked cheeses: Where to find them

If you shop around, you can find many varieties of smoked cheese at supermarkets. A and ShopRite had Belgioioso smoked mozzarella, Kings had a smoked Provolone and Lioni's smoked mozzarella, made locally in Union. Pathmark in Garwood had Roth's Moody Blue. Wegmans and Whole Foods carry . Shop online, and the options are greatly expanded How Many Packs Of Cigarettes Are In A Carton, with some cheese makers and several gourmet purveyors offering numerous smoked options.

Smoked cheese: A bit of history

Basils Bavarian Smoked Cheese is a creamy, semi-soft variety with a flavor that can stand up to dark German beers. Kimberly L Pack Of Cigarettes. Jackson

Cheese has been smoked in Europe for centuries. A German descendant of the tradition is Basil Bavarian smoked cheese (found in the cheese department at ShopRite Wine Spirits in Westfield). It's said that in 1902 a cheese maker by the name of Basil Weixler persuaded Trappist monks, the same order known for their beer-making, to teach him how to make a monastery cheese. The Bavarian smoked cheese that's imported here from Germany follows Weixler's recipe for Rauchkase Buy Tobacco Online, a creamy, semi-sweet smoked cow's milk cheese.
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