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06.05.2016 05:07
Back and Body Roller Antworten

The effects of the Back and Boxing goods from China on the Spine

As a chiropractor I'm always looking for different ways to explain just what it is I'm trying to accomplish to the patient as far as what is going on when an adjustment is delivered and what I am trying to accomplish as an end result. The Back and Body Roller's end result as far as assisting in inducing spinal motion back into the vertebrae is the same as what we do as chiropractors when we do an adjustment, the Back and Body Roller just does it more passively by gently rolling over the high center therapy balls that are located in the center of the device.Free weights sellers

Chiropractors have therapy Home gym machines manufacturing in their office called Spinolators in which you lay backside down and rollers from inside the table roll along side your spine inducing what we call "intersegmental traction", these therapy tables cost in the neighborhood of around $4000.00, the Back and Body Roller does the same thing only YOU have control over the direction of the therapy, instead of laying on a therapy table (spinolator table) and it having full control, and for a lot less money, only $59.95, and not only is it portable but a lot more versatile, it has handles which allows you to do body work on a friend or loved one, not just on the spine but on the entire body musculature for great massage work.

To explain further, achieving this "intersegmental traction" or "release of fixation" you lay the Back and Crossfit products for sale on the floor or against the wall and place your spine on either side of the therapy balls and roll up and down, what happens is as the spine rolls over the higher center therapy balls and it induces what we call "intersegmental traction" which is basically tractioning the adjacent vertebrae thus releasing the "fixation" that is causing the pain in the spine. Each individual vertebrae are suppose to move separately upon one another which gives the range of motion in our spines and allows us to move freely in our daily, recreational or sporting activities. If you can imagine a piano player and how they place the back of their fingers on one end of the key board pressing down and sweeping their hand to the other side of the key board causing the individual piano keys to go up and down, you can see that each piano key has freedom of movement, well the vertebrae is supposed to have the same type individual movement.

When a "fixation" happens in the spine it would be like 3-4 piano keys being "stuck" together so as the piano player tries to sweep his hand down the key board to move each individual piano key he would come to the few keys that are "stuck" and could not accomplish that task, of course this is an over simplification but you get the idea. The spine is the organ of movement, and also houses and protects the spinal cord and exiting nerves, so it is very important to keep this organ healthy and flexible, purchase a Back and Body Roller and invest in helping your spines ability to keep you moving.

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