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17.06.2016 03:58
Wicker Picnic Baskets antworten

When I think of wicker picnic Плетеная корзина из Китая I am immediately taken back to hot sunny days, blue skies, white scudding clouds and a meandering river. On the river are punts driven from the stern by men dressed in striped jackets with straw boater hats. In the punts are beautiful women in long Edwardian linen dresses pale arms trailing in the cool waters of the river.

The punt draws alongside the bank. The men and women, laughing and joking clamber out of the punt, with the men gallantly holding their arms out to ensure the ladies don't get their feet wet. Following a safe arrival on the bank, one man left in the punt has the job of handing out the picnic.

Over the side of the punt come three or four enormous бренд Мебель для улицы, handles at either end. They are placed almost reverentially under a willow tree on top of a large red chequered tablecloth. Tartan travelling rugs quickly follow the picnic baskets, and soon everyone is seated, and conversation hushed as the contents of picnic baskets are revealed. Bottles of white wine and beer have string tied round their necks and are hastily placed in the river to cool.

Following this appears a huge ham on the bone, beautifully breaded. Immaculately prepared sandwiches, filled with egg and tomato, the inevitable and absolutely necessary cucumber, cheddar cheese an ever present. A second picnic basket is opened to reveal the most splendid cakes and scones, with double cream and raspberry jam.

The noise level of the small group now begins to increase as one of their number opens the third picnic basket to reveal the most exquisite bone china, and silver cutlery all beautifully held inside the immaculately fitted interior. This is just going to be the absolutely classical Edwardian picnic.

Let us move to the 21st century, where the river is empty, polluted, and the grass soiled by the many dogs that walk down the worn path where the weeping willow used to be. Kevin and Jane arrive in their Range Rover with their screaming kids. They empty the plastic cool boxes out of the boot, along with their folding table and chairs. The kids run around screaming and the parents get stuck into their white wine, and supermarket sandwiches, and the BBQ is lit right next to the blackened turf of yesterday's trippers.

Contrast this to the delightful picnic of years gone by. The real tragedy is that no-one does Продавец подвесное кресло anymore. Although to be fair you do still see them at very specific places. Go to Lords to watch a cricket test match, or Henley, or indeed sit on the boundary in the summer at one of England's grand public schools like Eton, Harrow, or Stowe, and you will see wicker picnic basket upon продать Деревянные ремесла, and just a whiff of the delights of Edwardian England.

How sad that this once delightful picnic and its equally delightful history should be almost gone. Preserved only by those lucky and privileged few whose ancestors perhaps practised the fine art of the English country picnic and the obligatory wicker picnic basket.

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