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Deborah Riceyu
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People with hemorrhoids have been stereotyped by the comics or comedians to be laughing stocks. That’s why fewer people with hemorrhoids tend to go to a doctor and have back irritations and pain sensations consulted by a specialist. Instead they just wait for the pain to subside and just worry about it some other time; especially if the pain becomes chronic. If you are really worried about having hemorrhoids, a careful lifestyle will help a lot. Here are some causes of hemorrhoids that you may have been practicing.


Being pregnant causes a woman to increase chances of having hemorrhoids. This is because the rectal veins will be pressured more because of the added weight in the uterus. For women who are already experiencing hemorrhoids, pregnancy can worsen the situation.

Women who are pregnant who do not experience hemorrhoids during pregnancy may still get hemorrhoids during the labor period. This is due to the long and arduous delivery. Another reason is the constipation that a woman experiences after childbirth. Because of the tenderness in the anus and perianal area Cheap Jerseys China , women will prolong bowel movements.

Postponing Bowel Movements:

There are some people who are afraid to crap at other places because the toilet might be dirty. Another reason is that there is just no toilet nearby. So people will just try to force the crap back inside for a couple more hours. Doing this occasionally can do no harm, however if it becomes habitual it might lead to hemorrhoids.

When the crap stays longer in the fecal colon, it becomes harder and drier. This makes it tougher to pass. You will then need to force its way out. The rectal muscles that signal a person its time to crap may also become weaker. Just imagine a situation that you suddenly crap in your pants because you didn’t feel anything.

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