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    Greetings All dear players ,

    Rebirth killing is identified as getting killed several times just after using Rebirths ,

    According to our well-known policy , We forbid this to be committed by anyone ,

    No exceptions at all , Punishments shall take place .

    To allow us to catch the killer , It is must to bring a clear evidence that proves it

    such as a ss (refers for screen shot) or a movie clip (not used in common) .

    Note that it must contain the contents framed by boxes shown as follows

    The image below is an example for it.

    Uploaded with

    This illustrates requirements which should be obvious

    The upper green box shows that you already used the item .

    The lower green box shows that you are killed by an assassin along with his or her name .

    I repeat it again : These two statements must be included .

    If any of these boxes are missing , Your ss will not be considered as a proof of an rbkilling incident .

    Never Edit or Modify your ss with any means ,

    In other words ; Paint brush , Photoshop or any program alike

    Just Get it direct from the folder "screenshot" up here to forums .

    Be aware that your maximum number of reports on rbkills per day is 2 ,

    Uploading any more will be useless , It will be skipped and may get deleted.

    Keep in mind that We are in a constant lookout for regular killers ,

    So Stay on the safe side and Let the others have fun as you had ,

    Wait at least for 30 seconds after each kill ,

    Resume attacking your victim again only if he or she attacked you just after revival .

    Feel free to ask if you still have any unclear clue about any statement mentioned above .

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